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Dome of silence - quieten your blender
Dome of silence - silence your blender
Dome of Silence™ - Sound cover for Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja type blenders
Dome of silence - internal dimensions for blender
Make your blender quiet - Nutribullet & Nutri ninja

Dome of Silence™ - Sound cover for Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja type blenders

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Loud blenders causing you grief?

The Dome of Silence™ is the most effective sound enclosure/silencer for blenders on the market, reducing noise levels by 70% (click here to watch in action)

The lightweight design is made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, a durable acoustically reflective material that suppresses the sound waves, forming a partial air and sound lock.

Strategically positioned sound absorbing material lines the curved perimeter of the enclosure to absorb penetrating high pitch frequencies from the motor and pulverising action of the blades, while still permitting a view of all the action.

No need to put down the phone, pause the TV, or wait until the baby/partner/flatmates are awake.

Take off those earmuffs and enjoy your healthy choices, guilt free.


Suitability and additional information:

Suits most personal blenders with bullet shaped cups up to ~400mm tall (15.8").

For blenders that turn on with a twist (eg. Nutribullets ), with the power outlet turned OFF, twist the blender cup into position, place the dome on, then simply turn ON at the power outlet.

(Optional accessory is available for U.S customers to add an ON/OFF switch to their power outlet. Alternatively, U.S customers can operate their Nutribullet by simply inserting/removing the plug)

A suction button is included for blenders with push button operation (such as the Ninja Auto-IQ †) to control the blender with the Dome in position, avoiding any initial loud escape of sound. Position in-line with the lower row to enable control of all buttons.

Not suited for blenders that need to be held down during operation.

For household use only.

Only for use with smoothies - do not use for hot soups/liquids (or for more than one minute at a time).

See FAQ for more info


~~~ PATENT PENDING AU2018902971 ~~~


* Sound reduction of 18dBA = perceived sound reduction of approximately 70%. Requires a flat bench surface for optimal performance. 
† Dome of Silence is not affiliated with Nutri Ninja, Nutribullet/Magic Bullet, Vitamix or any other blender manufacturer.