1. When will the first orders be shipped?

We are now in stock! Ships daily Monday-Friday.

2. Where are you based?

The Dome of Silence is manufactured and shipped from Sydney, Australia.

3. Will my blender will fit?

Most personal style blenders with a narrow bullet shaped cup will fit in the Dome, as long as they're no more than 400mm (15.8") in height. Refer to the product internal dimensions on the front page and measure your blender to determine if it will fit. Alternatively, Contact Us with your enquiry and we'll try determine the answer for you.

4. Am I guaranteed 70%/18dBA sound reduction?

Depending on your blender type, kitchen benchtop material, kitchen layout, and ambient noise, you can expect ~65-75% sound reduction (15-21dBA). Make sure the power cord is routed through the rear cable exit so that the Dome sits flush with the benchtop. This has a significant effect on the performance.

5. How are you converting decibels to a percentage?

Decibels use a logarithmic scale due to the incredible dynamic range of our hearing. Halving the energy output of a sound happens with just a reduction of 3dBA, however the average person needs a 10dBA sound reduction to perceive that the sound actually reduced by half. If the sound is reduced by a further 10dBA (total of 20dBA reduction), the perceived sound reduction changes from 50% to 75%. The actual energy reduction of 20dBA is 99%! The high dynamic range of our ears is the reason that this 1% of the remaining sound sounds like 25% of the original, and is the reason that sound proofing is a challenging (but fun!) science.

6. Does the Dome provide ventilation for the blender?

Providing direct ventilation provides an escape path for the sound. A 1% hole allows 50% of sound to escape, and this is why all hinged style blender covers on the market are very ineffective (not to mention expensive). To solve these two contradicting objectives, the Dome's internal volume was optimised to provide a sufficient airflow to the blender so that its lifecycle is maintained, along with your sanity.

7. What is the weight and external dimensions of the Dome?

1.4kg (3lbs), 269x277x410mm (10.6x10.9x16.1")


8. Will I have to pay import taxes?

Please check with your local agency. Currently U.S.A customers pay no tax on Australian goods. U.K customers may be required to pay VAT plus clearance fees of approx £18, (until the U.K leaves the E.U and the free trade agreement with Australia is set up)


9. How long will orders take to ship?

Shipping within Australia takes 2-4 days. International orders take 2-3 weeks depending on country. Contact Us for a more accurate shipping estimate.